Karneval Collab!

Lines are by Fukuwaa (on deviantArt) and coloration by me! :D

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seirin confessions


guess who was too lazy to translate an actual comic

instead, have some Seirin cuteness!! full version over here (´∀`*)


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I should probably stop uploading all of my stuff at once.

1st image: Cake doodle I did for my sister’s birthday, last month.

2nd image: Newer ref for my OC, Arakaki Kukiko. I tried to use a different style. I don’t think it worked out too well. /shot.

3rd image: Art freebie for .I n s a n i t y on TM. It’s kind of….terrible because I was experimenting. I can’t paint. I learned that much.

4th image: Compilation of the pixel art I’ve done sort of recently. Starting on the left, going clockwise: Arakaki Kukiko (my OC), Mii (Chiisana-chan on deviantArt ‘s OC), Red from Pokemon and Gareki from Karneval (for Reimi and Reineh ♥), and Sweet Moon (Loveless-chan on deviantArt ‘s OC. A rather rushed birthday present).

eheheheh THEY’RE SO ADORABLE, THANK YOU AGAIN ;u; ♥♥♥♥ IMOUTO!!! I LOVE THEM, I LOVE YOU♥♥♥ reeed, garekiii. ;;